Teacher Evaluation: FAQ and Resources

Length & Frequency of Observations


Frequency of Observations

Length of Observations

Tenured teachers At least 3 times per school year, at least once per semester At least 3 short (20 minutes)
Non-tenured teachers     Years 1 & 2

     Years 3 & 4

At least 3 times per school year, at least once per semester 2 long, 1 short

1 long, 2 short

Teachers with corrective action plans* Length to be determined by chief school administrator Number above + 1 more

For all teachers, at least one observation will be announced (require prior notice) and at leaset one unannounced. The chief school administrator will decide if the third is announced or unannounced.


SGPs and SGOs: How they will impact you

SGP: Student growth percentile; based on student test scores on the NJ ASK in grades 4-8 in language arts and mathematics

SGO: Student growth objective; must be measurable academic goals.

Teachers who receive SGP scores would also have at least one SGO and no more than four. Teachers in non-tested grades and subjects would have two to four SGPs.

How is student achievement calculated?

Student achievement will be a combination of standardized test scores and teacher- and principal- developed student growth objectives, which may be based on standardized test scores.

How is the student growth percentile calculated? How are test scores used?

The Department of Education will calculate the median SGP for teachers, using the SGPs of all the students assigned to one teacher.

Source: njea.org

Want more information about SGOs and SGPs?

There are presentations and other materials available explaining how these numbers are calculated. Find more information about each at…

  • SGOs:  http://www.state.nj.us/education/AchieveNJ/teacher/objectives.shtml
  • SGPs: http://www.state.nj.us/education/AchieveNJ/teacher/percentile.shtml

More Information about Observations

  • Non-tenured teachers are required to have multiple observers during their observations.
  • All teachers must have at least one announced and one unannounced observation.
  • Corrective Action Plans: After the first year, teachers who receive an Ineffective or Partially Effective rating are required to have one additional observation, and multiple observers are required.