AID-NJEA is a free, confidential 24-hour telephone helpline for school staff members and their families. The helpline is staffed by active and retired educators and school counselors who are trained to counsel and support their colleagues. The program provides telephone support, information and resources for school employees experiencing some distress in their work or personal lives.

Educators and school counselors are on the line from noon until 8 pm Monday through Thursday, and until 6 pm on Fridays to provide peer-to-peer support and information to callers. In addition, University Behavioral Health Care provides mental health professionals who answer the helpline during all other hours for 24/7 coverage. These mental health professionals are available to intervene as necessary and provide support to peer educators when they are taking calls. At all times, school staff will reach a live person who can provide a listening ear and assist callers with problem solving or referral.

Whether you are a new teacher, a support staff member, or a retired school employee, we have people on the line that can provide guidance and information to help. Family members experiencing personal problems can call for assistance and resources as well. AID-NJEA is a partnership between the New Jersey Education Association and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care.

HELPLINE: 1-866-AID-NJEA (1-866-243-6532) or emailĀ